Hacking is illigal

Definition: transitive and intransitive verb cut something using repeated blows: to cut or chop something by striking it with short repeated blows using a sharp tool such as a knife or an ax. As a transitive verb means cut way through obstruction: to cut a path or way through an obstruction, e.g. undergrowth. It means also chop something off or into parts: to cut, shape, or divide something roughly or carelessly. In computer science, hack verb means gain unauthorized access to computer data: to use a computer or other technological device or system in order to gain unauthorized access to data held by another person or organization; a transitive verb meaning cope with something: to succeed at or endure something. (Encarta Dictionary).


Hacking developed alongside "Phone Phreaking", a term referred to exploration of the phone network without authorization, and there has often been overlap between both technology and participants. Bruce Sterling traces part of the…